The great Badland gets a level editor (video)

The fantastic Badland for iOS is going to offer a level editor very soon. Here is a sneak video preview of this new feature.

There is no doubt about that: Badland is one of my top 3 favorite games on iOS, either on iPhone or even better on iPad. I like the attitude of the editor Frogmind, which is adding new levels regularly to the title to help its customers getting the most out of the title. The way, Badland is the only title developed by the editor so they are fully focused on it. This is great. Today, here is a short teaser video of a level editor that should come to Badland very soon:

This level editor from Badland will give the gamers the opportunity to create their own levels. They will be able to share them with others and obviously a rating system has been planned by the editor. This means that we should be able to get our hand on some mind blowing new levels designed by players around the globe very soon.

Badland can be downloaded from the App Store for USD 3.99.



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