iTranslate for iPhone and iPad now comes with a keyboard extension

iTranslate for iPhone and iPad uptaded in version 8.4 now comes with a neat goody : a cross system iOS keyboard to translate anything from anywhere on your iDevice.

iTranslate for iPhone and iPad, the well-known instant translation application for iOS devices, has been uptaded today in version 8.4 which brings important stuff. This important stuff is nothing less than an iOS keyboard extension which will allow you to access to translations from within the app you are currently typing your text in.

This means that let’s say you are writing an email to a German customer, you can write it in English and from within Mail, switch to the iPhone iTranslate keyboard in order to get your text translated from English to German. From there, you can copy and paste the translated text which appears on the keyboard to have it paste to your German customer email. It’s very straight forward, simple and easy. That’s all the iPhone is about after all. You can tap the flag icons to switch languages from the keyboard as well.

Download iTranslate for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. (free / includes in-app purchases)


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