Dot: the first Braille smartwatch for blind people

The Dot is a curious smartwatch that has no LCD nor OLED screen but instead erectile bits that simulate a Braille reader.Dot is the first smartwatch for blind or visually impaired people.

Today on the market, aside of the Apple Watch, we see a tone of new connected smartwatches emerging. Various shapes, functions and specialties are key, but till now, we had never seen a smartwatch like the Dot.

The Dot has no LCD nor OLED screen but erectile bits that simulate a Braille reader. Yes, Dot is the first smartwatch for blind or visually impaired people.

Dot braille smartwatch

According to the company behind the Braille smartwatch Dot, its battery life would offer 10 hours of use.

The face of the Dot smartwatch is made of rows and columns of erectile plastic bits that allow its users to Braille read a document with the tip of their finger. It will be able to read your messages, eBooks and so on. Braille eBooks are available for Braille USB readers, but they are quite expensive and the Dot is the first really compact solution, and more budget friendly than Braille readers of the trade. But the surface of the Dot not only enables its users to read content with the tip of their fingers, it also allows them to type in texts to send text messages for instance.

The Dot can also come in handy for people who need to learn how to read and write in Braille system with the Braille learning function. That is smart and interesting.

The Dot is available for preorders right now at the price of USD 299.

Find more information about the smartwatch for blind people Dot.


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