Kodak Moments app for iOS: edit, share and print your photos, all under one roof

Kodak Moments for iOS gather all iPhone photo functions Kodak offers : take photos, edit them, share them, and of course, print them.

Kodak has updated its photography app called Moments for iOS. While before you had to switch from one Kodak kiosk application to another to take photos, then retouch them, then share then and finally print them, you can do it all within the same Moments app for iOS from now on.

Here is what’s new on the Kodak Moments app for iOS:

  • Taking photos: Moments app for iOS allows you to take photos directly from within the app.
  • Photo editing: Moments for iOS gives you a choice of numerous tools to tweak your photo and to edit it. In addition to these classical tools that you find on all photo retouching apps, you can apply filters.
  • Sharing photos: Moments app for iOS lets you share your photos on social networks like Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. You can also upload them directly on your Dropbox accound and send them by message or email.
  • Photo printing: That’s the fun part of the application as Kodak is promoting its own photo printing services. The Kodak Moments app for iOS offers an array of ways to get your photos printed. The first one is that you can order them online through the app on your iPhone and then go to the nearest store that you have located on the application to retrieve them. The prints can be issued the same day you order them. The second option is that you can actually go into a Kodak kiosk store or partner and order them with your iPhone by WiFi. They will be instantly printed for you by the automate. The third choice you have is to use the Kodak Moments app as any other online printing service. As you will order them, they will be mailed to you at home.
  • Photo Gallery: Moments for iOS offers a new gallery view which displays your photos and makes it easier for you to choose which one to edit, share, and then print.


Get Kodak Moments for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

To know more, visit Kodakmomentsapp.com.


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