iPhone 5C “Plastic Perfected” ad video

For weeks we have seen pictures of the iPhone 5C and I was pretty skeptical. Then I watched the keynote introducing the iPhone 5S and 5C, and then, within a few seconds of the video that was showed on this occasion, I was literally flipped ! It made me change my opinion on the iPhone 5C. It evolved from a product a little “cheap” position to a finally certainly very well built product, just made ??of a material and colors which are new in Apple’s world.

Well this little film will be one of the first ads released by Apple and it is now available on YouTube. Called “Plastic Perfected” this ad of half a minute is frankly a success (both nice to watch and giving you love points for that iPhone 5C) and I would bet it will many people changing their minds on the iPhone 5C, which at $549 is everything but an entry level low-cost smartphone. It is perhaps what explains that three days after the opening of its pre-orders, it is still available with a delivery date for this Friday, as originally announced.

Here is the iPhone 5C “Perfect Plastic” add :


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