Motorola launches iOS supported Bluetooth headphones: Moto pulse and Moto surround

Motorola has unveiled two models of Bluetooth headphones which could suits iOS users.

Yesterday, Motorola announced a new Android smartphone line-up. Aside of these new smartphones announcements, the American manufacturer has unveiled two new references of headphones which could suit iOS users. Both are wireless through a Bluetooth connexion and each one has a very specific target. Here are the Moto pulse and Moto Surround.

Moto pulse

Priced USD 59.99, this carefully designed on-ear headphone should offer a pretty convincing audio quality thanks to 40mm speakers. Yet, Motorola have opted for rather flat ear cups that make these headphones pretty compact for a use on the go. The built-in battery should offer a battery life of 18 hours according to Motorola.

Moto pulse

The Moto pulse by Motorola

Moto surround

Priced USD 69.99, this reference is aimed at sports and fitness activities. Its in-ear conception has been designed to resist to both water splashes and sweat. The ear bugs are linked with a collar band, which gets the electronic parts as well, in order to maintain the headsets in place when you are running, biking, and so on.

Moto pulse

The Moto surround by Motorola

These Moto headsets can be used with an iOS companion app which will be helpful for a few things like locating your headphones when you don’t know where you put it, easily linking them to your iDevice and getting information about the remaining battery life.


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