An iPad spotted in Syria to set mortar angle

This is in an article from Reuters published yesterday about the impatience of Russians about the reluctance of Syrian President Assad to attend a peace conference. Reuters chose an illustration that shows the “multitool” side of Apple’s tablet since the iPad is used to adjust the firing angle of a hand-crafted mortar operated by rebels. If like me you are a handyman (yes, that’s sarcasm…), so maybe one day you have downloaded an app like Stanley application that simulates a level. Well, between using an iPhone or iPad to try to hang a framed picture as straight as possible on your wall and see Syria rebel soldiers using an iPad to adjust their shot, there is a gap that I would not have expected to see ever crossed . This is done and the iPad certainly like the iPhone, also gets to the theater of military operations, and not exclusively in the pockets of military staff uniforms…

ipad syria

This photo showing a team of rebel brigade “Ansar Dimachk “, which adjust their artillery to fire using the compass and level of an iPad, was taken near Damascus, this Sunday, September 15th 2013, by Reuters photographer Mohamed Abdullah.


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