iPad mini 4 : could be an iPad Air2 mini

The iPad mini 4 could look like a mini 7.9" version of the actual iPad ir 2 with 802.11ac WiFi and Apple A8 processor.

The Japanese website Macotakara, usually pretty reliable, has published in its pages what should the next generation of iPad mini, the iPad mini 4, look like, both designwise and hardwarewise. Outside as inside, we can compare the iPad mini 4 to an iPad Air 2 mini.

If Macotakara assumptions come true, here is what the iPad mini 4 would like:

  • Apple A8 processor
  • 8mp camera
  • 802.11ac WiFi
  • 7.9” screen with a anti-glare coating
  • 6.1 mm thickness

As you can see, the iPad mini 4 would be a real iPad Air 2 in a 7.9” version. It would have the exact same thickness of 6.1mm, same processor, same WiFi technology, same camera. Last year Apple refreshed the iPad mini with a minimalistic change which was the Touch ID function added to the iPad mini Retina, a minimalistic approach of the refresh with no real hardware change nor speed bump as one could expect. Customers who bought the iPad mini 3 had the exact same computing power as on the previous generation of the iPad mini Retina.

The speed bump of the iPad mini 4 anticipated by the Japanese website will be very important for the new functions of iOS 9, including multitasking and split-screen features which will only be available for the most powerful iPads. The iPad Air 2 alone will be the only Apple tablet to date to be able to run these functions. We hope that the next iPad mini 4 with the Apple A8 processor will also be able to do so.


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