iPhone 5C availability : large stocks or low demand ? What ? Both ?!

What happens with the iPhone 5C? Did Apple learn from its lesson of the launch of the iPhone 5 ? The quantities available for last year’s iPhone where not sufficiant and led to a cruel shortage and longer lead times.  Or is it that the new colorful iPhone 5C is struggling to find its audience? In any case, despite preorders open since Friday, the 5C is still is available…

Within only a few hours of pre-orders, the iPhone 5 delivery date had been pushed back to one more week last year at launch. The story is quite different with the iPhone 5C which is still available today day with a delivery date for September 20th, the original date of launch. Yet the iPhone 5C is open to pre-orders since last Friday both on the Apple Online Store, but also at almost all mobile phone operators.

No need to be Einstein to guess that this may be caused by two things:

  • Guess 1 : The iPhone 5C may have been produced in greater quantities than the iPhone 5 to avoid shortages on launch day. I must say that technically, the iPhone 5C is very close to the iPhone 5, the plastic shield apart.
  • Guess 2 : The iPhone 5S is not exiting so many potential customers ! The challenge of colorful variations of the iPhone on which Apple has bet big is a risky bet, especially, because, to me, there is mismatch between the “toy” side of the colorful iPhone 5C and a price tag that starts at $549 which is nowhere cheap (the price of the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4). Again, while many expected a low-cost iPhone, the iPhone 5C is anything but an entry level smartphone.

The worth setback for Apple would be that the explanation is that both guess 1 and guess 2 are correct !

Now regarding the iPhone 5S quantities available at launch, I am pretty pessimistic about the fact that every customer interested by the iPhone 5S would be deleivered with the one he wanted… I just hope that I’ll get mine on Friday at 8:00 ready for the iPhone 5S review which will start with its camera module comparison vs the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and even the iPhone 4. Stay tuned.


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