Photo Sphere Camera by Google: panoramic photography for all

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS is a new photography app developed by Google for iOS devices that will allow its users to automatically shoot and stitch 360° virtual reality style images, panoramic images of the entire sphere. Google Photo Sphere Camera allows you to pan through the scene around you with the camera of your iPhone and iPad following signs that assist you to get the best individual shoots so that they are still in the best possible way.

The application automatically stitches all photos to create a panorama of the entire sphere which is: 360°x 180°. By doing that, Google makes it possible to shoot a panoramic image of a location and to cross this out with Google Maps to share them via Google Plus, but also to share them on Twitter or to post them directly on Facebook, from the Photo Sphere Camera app for iOS. You can also share you panoramic images by email from within the app. Photo Sphere Camera for iOS is a free app and is available right now on the App Store.

Photo Sphere Camera works in a semi-automatic way, a simple and easy-to-use app. It reminds me of Microsoft Photosynth, an app which does about the same thing, launched in 2011 and that has just been withdrawn from the App Store by Microsoft that will no longer support the application. That is too bad because it was a great app with a great service on Photosynth.net but now, if you were actually using Microsoft Photosynth and that you feel that Microsoft have dumped you, you can now turn to Google Photo Sphere Camera to do your virtual visit from your iPhone.

Once the panorama has been stitched and the iPhone or iPad has completed unifying the exposure, color cast and so on, you will get a virtual reality style image in which you can browse through from the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Here is a short video edited by Google which shows how to create a panorama in Photo Sphere Camera

Photo Sphere Camera for iOS works with all recent iPhone form the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

If you are a photographer or a bloger you can very simply embed the Google Photo Sphere Viewer to your website. You can find it here.


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