Apple seeking solar energy related skills : solar powered iphone coming ?

How about a solar energy powered iPhone 6  ? ! Well, it is still too soon to see solar energy on the next iPhone, but I am pretty confident that the project is in the pipes at Apple for within a few generations of smartphones. The proof is, the presence of job offers on the “Jobs” section of Apple’s website for engineering positions, with ultrathin film skills, especially films containing semiconductors. The profiles needed show a desired experience in the solar energy industry, usually this type of expertise is dedicated to touch screens overlays for multitouch operations.

Here, I begin to dream of the presence of photovoltaic cells on the back of our iPhones in a few years to recharge its battery thanks to pure green and free available anywhere simple daylight. (“can’t innovate ? My Ass” Phil Schiller resounds particularly well here).

Apple already has a foothold in power by solar energy for its data centers, some of which are fully fed by photovoltaics. This job offer, as noted by 9to5Mac on the Apple site, let me think that it is likely to see solar applications on the next generations of iPhone. A solar charger made and designed by Apple could also be in the pipe as well.

If Apple has managed to develop a fairly compact technology to not add more than one to two millimeters to the thickness of the iPhone and allow it to charge with sun power, I’m on ! And I do not think I would be the the only one …

And for fun:


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