Withings follows your swimming sessions and get FitBit data

Withings is improving the area of sports which can be tracked by the French-born activity tracker Activité and Activité Pop.

Withings is improving the array of sports which can be tracked by the French-born activity trackers Activité and Activité Pop. Till now, they could only guess that you were walking or running but this is changing thanks to a firmware update and both activity trackers will now be able to follow-up your swimming sessions. Even better, when most activity trackers on the market have to be manually set up to the kind of sport you are doing, the Activité and Activité Pop from Withings now detect that you are swimming or running. Therefore, you don’t have anything to do and you can start riding 5K and then diving into a lake and swim in for a while. The Activité and Activité Pop are able to retrieve and differentiate both sports and attach the relevant calories amount accordingly.

Of course, this new activity tracking data will be recorded into Withings Health Mate iOS app, one of my favorite, especially if you own one or more Withings connected health and fitness devices like the Withings Smart Body Analyser, Withings connected blood pressure monitor, or one of the activity tracking system. I won’t mention the sleep monitoring system Withings Aura provided it doesn’t appear to be accurate enough to be advised… but I haven’t tested it myself though.

Also, last week, Withings launched a “Switch to Withings” program which aims at encouraging Fitbit users to switch to Withings universe. For the first time in Fitbit history, another brand will be able to retrieve the activity history that Fitbit is keeping on your Fitbit account and integrate them into Health Mate for iOS data. This will also allow Fitbit users to finally cross and merge their past activity recorded by their Fitbit activity tracker Armband with iOS Health, an option that doesn’t come free if you are a Fitbit User as you have to pay $49 to get it.

In addition to retrieving your activity history from your Fitbit account, the “Switch to Withings” program also offers price cuts on their activity tracker:

  • Withings Activité
  • Withings Activité Pop
  • Withings Pulse O2


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