Focal Sphear : premium in-ear headset

Focal Sphear is a new in-ear headset launched today by the French HiFi premium manufacturer. These in-ear headsets promise comfort and audio quality

Focal Sphear is a new in-ear headset launched today by the French HiFi premium manufacturer. These in-ear headsets promise comfort and audio quality. (guess what… we’ve received a sample to review the Focal Sphear and check this out.)

Focal Sphear: large diameter speakers

Focal is well-known for its high audio and acoustic qualities. The Focal Sphear are equipped with 10.8mm diameter speakers which makes it probably one of the best sounding in-ear speakers’ elements on the market. As a consequence of such a technical choice, I would believe that the Focal Sphear will definitely offer among the best sound quality we can find on the market.

Focal Sphear: improved comfort and premium finish

The Focal brand, which is located a few miles away from home in France, advertised very clearly that these in-hear headsets will be among the most comfortable to wear in the long run. This is paramount because, and I am a life proof of that, in-ear headsets can be a pain when you listen to music during a long time. I myself can’t stand even the Apple iPhone official in-ear headsets more than a couple hours.

Focal Sphear, in-ear headsets

Focal Sphear has a built-in speaker of 10.8mm of diameter

I look forward testing the Focal Sphear at least for this parameter which is very important to my eyes and should be to the eyes of anybody looking at this kind of headset anyway. “Sound and comfort” this is how Focal is positioning the Sphear. Hope this nice promise will come true. Also, this is a premium product as always with Focal and as you notice on the visual given by the brand, the built quality looks pretty good and I appreciate the metal cover of the headsets.

Remote control: why such limitations?!

The wire controls of the Focal Sphear are located a few inches below the microphone which is a good point. Of course, the microphone will be helpful to place phone calls with your iPhone, may be to dictate stuff on the dictation app on your iPhone or iPad and most probably also to invoke Siri. Below the microphone, the Sphear controls useful to play music. But, while the control include the Play/Pause button, the Forward/Backward buttons, there is no control to set up the volume! This is a bummer, especially coming from a brand like Focal. I really can’t explain why they missed it. That means that if you listen to Apple Music or Beats 1 radio with your iPhone in your pocket and you want to increase or decrease the volume of your headsets on the Focal Sphear, you won’t be able to do it on the controls which are on the wires. You will have to get the iPhone out of your pocket to do it. That is a nonsense. There may be an explanation and as I live a few kilometers away from Focal Headquaters in Sainte Etienne France, I have asked why is that… As soon a I get an answer, I get back to you and update this article.

Focal Sphear: 129 euros TTC

The Focal Sphear in-ear headsets are available this month, July 2015, at the price of EUR 129. They will be delivered with various in-ear shapes to fit you ear canal pattern as well as a double jack plug adaptor and a transport case. At this price, the Focal Sphear could be the best value for money in-ear products on the market.

Focal Sphear, in-ear headsets

Focal offers a high quality sound with Focal JM Lab standards on Sphear, their headsets .

Sphear in-ear headsets and Focal audio signature: for audiophiles?

Focal audio signature is quite neutral. They advertise the sound of their product as both rich and natural. And this is actually true. This is way remote from the heavy bass and very high tons that the market seems to appreciate right now with products like Bose now or Beats Audio. I, myself, like Bose products but they are nothing neutral when it comes to sound quality. Yet, I like their warm bass and overall sounds. Beats, for me, as an Audio brand, it sucks… I apologize to their fans, but I think you like them if you are more sensitive to the brand of the audio system yo use more than to what you feed your ears…. I hope that with Apple buying Beats, we will see more natural products and better sounding products from Beats coming to life. Till now, audiophile customers will definitely look at brands like Focal and this promising in-ear headsets, the Sphear, could be the one designed for them.


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