Lufthansa on Apple Watch: your flight data and boarding pass at your wrist

Lufthansa joins British Airway or Easy Jet among the very first airlines to publish Apple Watch apps for their customers.

According to Forbes, Lufthansa has launched a new companion app for Apple Watch that is first the exclusivity of the miles and more frequent fligher program of Lufthansa.

If you have a Miles and More account, you can use the app right away. The app developed by Lufthansa for Apple Watch is quite useful because it will set an alarm the day prior to you departure, remind you the date and time of your flight, update the status of the flight on the watch, and once you get at the airport, you can go through the boarding gate with the boarding pass displayed on your Apple Watch.

Another very fun feature of the Lufthansa Apple Watch app is this timer kind of presentation which counts down the remaining time you have before the boarding starts. This will allow you to spend some time  in the duty free area and to shop without having to fear that your plane is boarding and be the airport famous last call celebrity… You will just have to check this digital and graphic timer on your Apple Watch.

Nice, fun, easy and quite useful. This is the Lufthansa Apple watch App.


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