Prynt: the Polaroid photo printer iPhone case

The concept of the Prynt photo printer iPhone case is to allow you to directly print your photos, the ones that you just shout with your iPhone, directly from your iPhone, through a printer case. This will also work with all iCloud library photos as well as all the photos that you have on your iPhone. This allows you to get rid of the need of a computer to print a photo. The concept is more or less intended to remind us of the Polaroid instant camera so popular in the 70’s. This project, French born, should come to life in October 2015.

Prynth iPhone printer case

The Prynt iPhone case offers a shutter button to really turn your iPhone into a Polaroid-like instant camera.

Prynt iPhone case : the 2015 Polaroid

This Polaroid-like photo printer case works with the iPhone wirelessly through a Bluetooth connexion between the case and the iPhone. The Prynt case is also equipped with a shutter button that emphasize the camera side of the concept. Therefore, with the Prynt case on, your iPhone is really turned into an instant camera. The kind of camera that Polaroid could have launched nowadays (but Polaroid just launched the Zink zero ink printer for iPhone). The Prynt case would embed between 10 to 30 photo paper sheets. The late ones contain the necessary ink to the printing process. This actually looks to be a “Zero Ink” or “Zink” printing technology like the one used in the Polaroid compact stand-alone printer.

With the Prynt case, the photo print is made almost instantly. You may choose the photo you want from your library, from the iPhone camera roll or even go for your Instagram or Facebook account to print whatever photo you wish to.

Prynt for iOS app : photo editing and augmented reality fun

The Prynt for iOS app is being developed and should come to the iTunes store next summer. Thanks to the app Prynt for iOS, you will not only be able to print your images on the printer case, but also to improve the photo image quality as well as to edit them. Of course, you will be able to apply filters, add frames, and tweak the images through various customization options. Beyond these photo retouching tools, the Prynt for iOS app could make your photos come to life, “lively”, thanks to augmented reality. The concept is to record a short video sequence of 5 to 10 seconds from a target, then to scan the photo that you’ve just shoot with the target with the app. Then, you can associate them in your app. Each time you will get your iPhone camera sensor above the image, you will see it being animated on your iPhone. Magical!

Prynt availability and prices

The success of this iPhone photo printer case on Kickstarter will undoubtly lead to its availability in September 2017. You can preorder your Prynt iPhone case, the preorders are opened since March.

Prynth iPhone printer case

Even though the Prynt iPhone case adds an extra layer to your smartphone making it a bit bulky to my taste, it’s a very interesting solution to make you forget about having to buy a printer and a scanner at home. And beyond this, getting back the feeling of instant real photo print like Polaroid but with the freedom of your iPhone that is a thrill.

I love the Prynt case concept. How about you ?


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