New York Times single-sentence article format designed for the Apple Watch screen

The New York Times just announced a new single sentence, articles format that will suit the Apple Watch screen.

Clearly, you are not going to read the news and your favorite newspaper or magazine everyday on the tiny little screen of your Apple Watch. Yet, breaking news are a great way of taking advantage of wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist thanks to its notification system. The New York Times just announced a new single sentence, articles format that will suit the Apple Watch screen.

So if Tweets were already not in your taste with their 140 signs characters limit, then, you may not be a big fan of the new New York Times Apple Watch app and its new headlines format of one single, one and only sentence.

Yet, the new system that has been created by the New York Times will best suit the Apple Watch screen and looks like more curation and summarization of what’s important to be informed of. New York Times emphasizes the fact that the selection of news that will end up on your Apple Watch will be curated and edited by professional journalists, human ones, as if this has to be precised. This actually had to, as so many robots could do this task, of course with less accuracy that what a human being is capable of.

This ultra synthetic form of information will allow the Apple Watch users to be informed in real time of what’s going on in the world and this, from various sections of the New York Times.

So each title will be one sentence only. 

On your Apple Watch, when you notice something interesting, thanks to the interface of the watch, you will be able to mark this as to be read later. The neat thing with this is that the Apple Watch companion app of the New York Times is compatible with Handoff. That means that you can notice interesting news from your Apple Watch, start reading the article on your iPhone, and then see it on your Mac screen, in a much more compatible manner. Apple’s continuity…

As you may imagine, this system will be compatible with the breaking news notification from the NYT iOS app.

As many Apple Watch applications, the New York Times watch companion app actually is an iOS 8 extension of the iOS version which will be installed on your iPhone.

The NYT watch app will be available for free to all users for download as soon as the Apple Watch is released: April 24.



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