Facebook Riff: a playful app that lets you create videos with your friends

This new application cooked for us by Facebook and called Riff allows its users to create videos with their friends.

Just a few day ago, Twitter released a new iOS app dedicated to broadcasting video in live streaming: Periscope. Today, Facebook launches its version of spin off independent social app dedicated to the video world: Riff, a video creating application that lets you create videos with your friends.

So this new application cooked for us by Facebook and called Riff will allow its users to create and share some videos with their friends. I mean with their Facebook friends. With Riff, not only you can share your videos with your friends, but these ones can also contribute to the video and record their own footage that will be added to the initial video sequence you have shared with them. Then, the friends of your friends, or at least the friends of your friends that have added video sequences to yours, will also be able to contribute and bring their video brick to yours. What you have to do to use it is simply to log in to the Riff app with your usual Facebook login and password. You will then instantly see the videos that your friends have shared with this application.

Unfortunately, Riff forces you to record your video within the application. You can’t use a nice video that you would have on your iPhone or iPad camera hall. That’s too bad, and I would bet that Facebook will plan an update very soon having the possibility for the Riff users to use the videos they have on their mobile device to contribute to a video.

So Riff is a new concept in the social media world as well as on the video sharing world. This interesting piece of application should lead to the appearance of a lot of curated videos that will gather different point of view on a single subject. I am pretty impatient to see what the most creative friends groups will come up with. Here is an example of friends-contributed-videos made with Riff.

Riff for iOS is absolutely free. You can download it from the App Store here. Note that Riff is also available for Android on Google Play.



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