CyClip : the Apple Watch cradle for all types of bikes and motorcycles

CyClip is a kind cradle that you can use to fix your Apple Watch around your bicycle handlebar.

If you are a biker and want to buy an Apple Watch, then, you will definitely have to get the CyClip which has been specifically designed to allow you to use your Apple Watch on the handlebar of your motorcycle or any 2-wheel vehicle. This US based company called Var has created the CyClip which should come to the market in April.

CyClip is a kind cradle that you can use to attach your Apple Watch around your bike’s handlebar. For that, it has been made in weather resistant materials because you are very likely to also ride your bicycle under the rain. Mounting CyClip on your bicycle or motorbike is very easy. You can use the Apple Watch on the CyClip either with its armband or without. The CyClip will allow you to use all embedded functions of the Apple Watch while you are riding: the GPS with your iPhone, controlling the music of your iPhone from your handlebar, reading notifications, etc. To release the Apple Watch from the Cyclip handlebar dock, you just have to press a button which will let the Apple Watch go, because you really don’t want to let the Apple Watch on your bicycle while you are parking as thieves could be so happy from that mistake!

Of course, as you must have guessed, the CyClip will be compatible with any kind of two-wheeled vehicle: a motorcycle, a scooter, a bike, etc.

The CyClip can integrate a battery to recharge the Apple Watch while you are riding, cruising, training… It then turns into a nomadic charging dock for the Apple Watch. Convinient!

The design of the CyClip has been thought to remain both the biker’s universe and the high tech world. I found it rather need and really mixes to universe together. What do you think?

CyClip has still no sales price at the moment I’m writing this article. You can refer to the CyClip website to get more information. However it should be less than 50$. On the website, you can put your email address in so that you will be warned as soon as it’s available


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