Flush Toilet Finder for iOS : find public restrooms anywhere with your iPhone

Flush Toilet Finder is a simple app that helps you locate the nearest public toilet nearby.

Here is a little application which could be very useful and a kind of save your life in a few situations, especially with young children who need to take a pee. Flush Toilet Finder is a simple iPhone app that helps you locate the nearest public toilets.

Today, on your iPhone and iPad, we have a new geolocalization applications which can help you finding the nearest McDonalds, a nice Illy coffee shop, a defibrilator, etc. But finding public restrooms is not always so handy. Flush Toilet Finder relies on a worldwide database of public toilets which are located on a map of the surroundings where you are. The good thing with this application is that it has a pretty wide database and that you can find public toilet in almost every country and city you can think of.

Of course, to do so, Flush Toilet Finder for iOS must access your localization data to suggest the nearest public toilet. It then opens iOS Maps to offer you guiding instructions in order to go there as soon as possible because when you launch Flush Toilet Finder on your iPhone, you are probably in a hurry !

Not only Flush Toilet Finder iOS will give you the location of the nearest public toilets, but it will also tell you if they are free or if you have to pay a fee and if they are accessible to disable people.

Flush Toilet Finder is a Free app available on the app store.


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