iOS 8 in 14 new features

Here are the 14 top new iOS 8 unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2014 launch keynote.
But above all, as every self-respecting Apple keynote host, Tim Cook, as did Steve Jobs before, unveils very satisfying figures to Apple glory, iOS, iPhone and iPad.

iOS 8: the good figures by Tim Cook

  • 800,000 iOS devices sold so far
  • ?iPod Touch: 100,000,000 units sold
  • iPad: 200,000,000 units sold
  • ?iPhone: 500,000,000 units sold
  • 130 million customers who bought an iOS device within the past 12 months bought a Mac
  • 97% of iOS users are satisfied. This comes from the fact that each new version covers the greatest number if existing iDevices in opposition to what happens with Android. update for all.
  • ?iOS 7 installed on 89% of iPhone and iPad vs Android KitKat 9%, a third of Android users are on a version 4 years old and in our industry, that is old, very old.

Now, here are the most valuable 14 new features Apple brought to iOS 8 :

iOS 8: Interactive Notifications

As expected, iOS 8 inaugurates interactive notifications. We can therefore respond to a message from the lock screen of our iPhone or from the app on which you are. Just slide your finger sideways on the notification and you can respond to such a notification as you directly end up in the Message app.

iOS 8 shortcut to get in touch with most frequently contacted peers

With a double tap on the home button you have access to multitasking with a view of the apps that have been previously opened. But now, this action also displays contacts with whom you are in contact the most often. Choose the desired contact and presto, you can call, send an iMessage, FaceTime or start a conversation. Contacts are displayed above the row of open apps.

Safari on iOS 8 new synthetic life of all open tabs

As we have seen during the demonstration for the next Mac OS X Yosemite, Safari on iOS 8 provides a new exploded view all open tabs. It is beautiful and convenient to easily check the open web pages tabs on your iPhone or iPad.

Mail: ergonomic improvements under iOS 8

Mail for iOS 8 will bring a much refined UI including how you interact with the application. For example, you can now:

  • Mark a message as unread slinding your finger on the side.
  • ?Compose a message while accessing the inbox or should I rather say accessing your inbox while you are writing a message. To do this, when composing a message, slide your finger down the screen and you have access to the rest of your mail box while until now, you had to go back and save the draft to see another email or your inbox. You can get the message back on screen by picking the upper edge of the window up over the mailbox.
  • On iPad, Mail offers prefilled-in events on the calendar based on what it reads in our emails. This function is derived from Mac OS X.
  • You can also flag messages by dragging your finger on the side very quickly.
  • Finally, Mail in iOS 8 lets you now also delete a message with a single gesture.


iOS 8 Spotlight : Extended and Mac OS X Yosemite like

As with Mac OS X Yosemite, Spotlight search on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 will retrieve and display search results from the web, restaurants, information on Wikipedia, music tracks on iTunes, etc … a full oad of different information related to your search that is no longer limited to the things you have on your iPhone or iPad.?The address bar is now very very unified and now displays suggestions in addition to the URL you have previously visited and suggested from your browsing history.

iOS 8 keyboard with QuickType

Apple improves text input on iOS devices with the unaticipated arrival of quicktype and opening to third party keyboards. On iOS 8, when typing, predictive suggestions will come up. The system guesses the words you could write in response according to your habits. The system learns what you type with whom and in which apps. For example, if your beloved asks if you want to go out with her for lunch or dinner in an SMS, the iPhone will suggest to answer “lunch” or “dinner”.?All information will be stored in the hardware on the iPhone or iPad without sending some server your info in order to protect your privacy.?The keyboard can also be modified by the developers, a premiere for iOS. These developers have a whole new arsenal to create new iOS applications. Their keyboard ill be available in all wanted apps throughout your system.

iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite “Continuity”

Continuity … The motto of Yosemite. Make visible messages on your iPhone and iPad as well as on Mac. You place calls from your Mac via an iPhone, etc … You are visiting a web page of a restaurant on your iMac, you want to call them to make a reservation, you select the number and make the call with your iMac, via the iPhone.

iOS 8 Messages refinements

Messages is the most used application on iOS. Messages under iOS 8 brings a full load of new features:

  • We can rename discussion threads, remove a contact or choose to leave the discussion.
  • You can have access to the geolocation of those who wish for messages.
  • Tap to talk function: press and hold the home button and just talk to dictate in order to send a voice message in response to a text message. You can also respond via a short video.
  • Button “do not disturb” to avoid too frequent alerts on discussions when they go a bit crazy.
  • All photos and videos of a conversation can be displayed in one place.?Moreover, we can clean attachments and erase video messages to spare the storage (still way too expensive) on our iPhone and iPad


I am going to love iMessage!

iCloud Drive

Working cross-way between apps, finally! Apple has quietly opened the door to access the same document from different apps including the cloud via iCloud with iCloud Drive, a kind of Cloud Finder.

iOS 8 and pro users

To turn a little more towards the business world, Apple strengthens its iOS 8 further to enhanced data security and more freedom in managing the devices. Apple is about to launch a fleet program with a service that allows a business user to unpack its iPhone or iPad and see its configuration setting down alone from the servers like magic.

HealthKit and Healt: iOS 8 takes care of you

This highly anticipated (Healthbook, rumor said) Healthkit will gather and store all physical data measured by various accessories connected, whether a Polar, a SmartBody analyzer the Withings smart scale, glucose tester, a Force Fitbit, etc. … The measurements of vital datas are aggregated with those data from your physical activity and the sport we make and centralized in iOS HealtKit under iOS 8. Depending on the permissions that you grant the system, third-party applications can access it, or not, as was done in the demo at the keynote with the Nike + app.?But also iOS 8 HeatlKit gives the possibility for a clinic, a hospital or a doctor to follow patients proactively with an alert if the patient measured blood pressure is too high, while the patient is at home, for instance. ?The Health Application will be launched at the same time.

Family sharing

The example given at the Keynote to illustrate this new iOS 8 feature, family sharing, which centralizes full info is the spirit of “Family Sharing”. I like the idea. iOS 8 gives the opportunity to share information, photos, calendars, etc.. within a family, but also to share the books and all iTunes purchases of different family members. Family Sharing will be available for up to 6 members of the same family sharing the same credit card. Moreover, if a child wants to buy games on the App Store, one of the adults is notified that iTunes is requesting a permission …

Photos & iCloud

ALL the pictures you take will be available on all iDevices. They will have access to more photos via iCloud than they can physically store.?Photos on iOS 8 offers a search by geolocation, date, etc.. Or through open fields like the names of albums, for example …
iOS 8 Photos also offers a new way to edit and enhance photos with the “Smart editing”, which can act on:
the exposure with visualization, but in the smart way by analyzing the image global and local contrast, acting on the shadows and highlights.?color?the horizon to straighten photos and crop them.?Edited photos are synched between all iPhone, iPad and soon your Mac with your iCloud account to spread the latest edited version of the photo down on all devices.
Finally, the new rates of iCloud storage are now more bearable:
20GB: $ 0.99 / month?200 GB $ 3.99 / month?Within the limit of 1 TB

Siri with Shazam embedded

I expected improvements to Siri on iOS 8 but apart from the 22 new languages supported by Apple’s assistant, Siri will offer two main new features:
Integrated Shazam: you hear a music track on the radio, it is now Siri who will tell you what the title and artist are and will offer you the opportunity to buy the title or album, on iTunes, it goes without saying…?”Streaming voice recognition” or speech recognition in real time for better responsiveness.
One would expect more opportunities to Siri. But from version to version, Siri gains power and maturity.

The final version of iOS 8 will be available next Fall 2014. It will be compatible with the iPhone 4S and more recent ones, with the iPad 2 and more recent ones as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch. To cut one story short, according to the same criteria for the compatibility of iOS 7, at the exception of the iPhone 4 that can not keep up.


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