iPhone 5C 8 Go, Jony Ive talks, NailSnap, Babolat Play Pure Drive and new iPhone 6 rumors

Today in iPhone / iPad / iOS news !

Entry level iPhone 5C 8GB to be launched tomorrow

Two UK mobile operators leaked information to Coolsmartphone stating that the new low-cost iPhone 5C 8GB is already in stock and ready to ship in the operator’s stores throughout the country. In the meantime, Engadget published an image of an iPhone 5C 8GB box label. Would I advise anyone to get the iPhone 5C 16GB ? Nope. That is way to narrow a storage space to do what ever you had plan to do with an iPhone…

iphone 5C 8GB

The iPhone 5C 8GB seems pretty real and really to be launched. Tomorrow morning sources say.
Photo by Engadget.


Jony Ive extensive interview

Sir Jonathan Ive, the big boss of all iconic products design at Apple’s these past decade and more starting with the very first iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the aluminium Macbooks… THE only one Jony Ive gave an interesting interview to the Sunday Times where he speaks trully about his vision of Apple’s future, about how thieves he thinks Samsung are when getting too inspired by his design the way he start creating a new product, etc. You have to be a subscriber of the UK magazine to read the full interview of Jony Ive but they have a 1 month trial at 1£, so… can be worth.

Babolat Play Pure Drive : the smart tennis racket

Smart, filled with sensors and connected (wireless – bluetooth), the Babolat Play Pure Drive tennis racket is still a reall high-end tennis racket which shouldn’t give you th efeeling you are playing tennis with a computerized device in the hand. Weighting only 300 grs, the Play Pure Drive records how you play, your speed and power, the distance you ran on the tennis court and then lets the iPhone app analyze your score and how you play tennis so that you can improve more efficiently. A community may also open the door to challenges and contest. Watch out though ! Rafael Nadal is on !… Babolat is an outstanding tennis racket manufacturer.

babolat play pure drive tennis racket

Play Pure Drive, the connected smart tennis racket by French manufacturer Babolat should come out very soon, available in 5 sizes, for $399.


Here is a demo video of the Babolat Play Pure Drive :

NailSnaps : turning Instagram photos into nail stickers

There is basically an iPhone app for everything a human brain may imagine… and when that brain is a female brain and act as a duet, then you end up with a funny kickstarter project : NailSnap. NailSnap will be an iPhone app that will turn your Instagram images into nail stickers. Panoramic images should suite the application and can allow users to be very creative. You can for instance take an image of your nicest shirt and then have nail stickers with its motives and color on it for a perfect outfit.

NailSnap still need more funds to turn true. And that is on Kickstarter :

 iPhone 6 latest rumors : Ultra-Retina screen and 3 new sensor

Warning : we will not spend an entire week with a new iPhone 6 rumor ! This week-end emerged reports stating that :

  • The iPhone 6 will get a new screen with higher resolution than existing Retina displays called “Ultra-Retina”, with 389 dpi instead of the current 326 dpi… WTF may I ask… Why changing the resolution for such a low bump in screen resolution ? That is not so Apple-like. I don’t really by this one but in the meantime Sonny Dickson has relayed it and he came with accurate insider information about Apple’s products in the past.
  • The iPhone 6 is now said to come out with 3 new sensor which really sound “weather station” oriented. They will measure air pressure, temperature and humidity rate, according to analyst Sun Chang Xu.


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