iOS 7.0.6 : iPhone and iPad security update

Apple has released a new update of iOS 7 now available in version 7.0.6 and iOS 6 for the Apple TV which is now available in version 6.1.6 . Both updates are available for download OTA (Over The Air ) without having to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and iTunes.

This dual update addresses a security vulnerability breach on the authentication of SSL connections .

To update your iPhone or iPad OTA, just go to SETTINGS / GENERAL / SOFTWARE UPDATE and iOS 7.0.6 should be waiting for you there to be downloaded and installed.

iOS 7 is actually rather corrected rather than really updated and the real update we are all eagerly awaiting is iOS 7.1 which beta 5 was released just a few days ago for developers. iOS 7.1 will likely be a more stable OS than the current iOS 7 which accidentally reboots way too often at my test, and really much more frequently than other generations of iOS. Also, iOS 7.1 should bring a fairly significant reworked user interface to improve readability and navigation within the menus. iOS 7.1 is expected to ship on our iPhone and iPad mid-March.


  • Posted: 08:16


    Sure Apple ! The 6th iOS 7 update and still little fixes here and there while your OS has been out there for 6 month without a really significant update... really falks ?! I need iOS 7.1 ASAP on my iPhone, and I mean it.
    • Posted: 08:18


      You are so right with that. We are all craving to get the final 7.1 update which takes surprisingly long to be final. I expect Apple to release iOS 7.1 around March 15th.

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