The Beatles live at the BBC vol.1 & 2 coming to iTunes

Despite the similarities between Apple’s Apple logo and the Apple adorning the center of some famous Beatles album of the vinyl era, it took to be patient before you could find the Beatles musical catalog on iTunes, and even then, only partially. That was in 2010. But for The Beatles fans, the Beatles catalog of songs available on iTunes will soon expand with the arrival of the albums “Live at the BBC Vol.1 and Vol.2”. They will be available from mid-November.

This double album is a compilation of countless performances of the Beatles live in the studios of the so Royal and so british BBC. The album was released in 1994, but now appears in its digital form for the very first time, and it will be on iTunes only. It has been mastered for itunes.

The Beatles Live at the BBC are available for preorder now:

Live at the BBC vol.1: $19.90

Live at the BBC Vol. 2: $19.90


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