iKettle : the smart Wi-Fi kettle for your iPhone

If you drink tea at breakfast, this new kitchen appliance, which can be wirelessly linked to your iPhone, should interest you. So British ! iKettle is a connected smart kettle that can be controlled with your iPhone, saving you time to have your boiling water ready for tea.

It is indeed at breakfast time that I see best the interest to have such a kettle that communicates with your iPhone since it may order it to start boiling water for your morning tea as soon as you wake up / when the iPhone alarm clock rings. This kettle is communicating through WiFi, which allows it to “talk” to your iPhone even if you are still in bed. The iKettle may also be triggered as soon as you get home. In this mode, when it detects your iPhone in its range, when you get home in time for tea, it can also be turned on by itself.


iKettle is a So british invention designed to be used with an iPhone.

Because we do not mess with tea, it may set different heat levels for the hot water ( ideally all teas are infused with the right temperature or and water … ) And you can choose to heat your water at 65°, 80°, 95° or 100° for boiling water. The smartkettle alerts you that your water is warm on your iPhone and from there, you can ask the iKettle to keep the water hot.

iKettle will be available by the end of the year at a price of €117.79. Firebox is currently taking preorders. Delivery is included in the price for British tea drinkers. For other …


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