Logitech GamePad for iPhone shows up

Evleaks posted on its Twitter account a photo supposedly from a press release revealing the Logitech Gamepad for iPhone. Promissing !

With iOS 7, Apple revised the framework for video games developers, with new control options for games opening up new possibilities for video games on the iPhone. This photo relayed by Evleaks on his Twitter account shows Logitech’s next-gen gamepad for iPhone in which fully fits the iPhone. You’ll notice at the back of Logitech Gamepad for iPhone a textured grip, certainly rubberized for better grip. The GamePad for iPhone also offers buttons on its front edge like you find them on Sony’s PSP, four function buttons on the right of the pad and a multidirectional pad on the left. The Logitech Gamepad for iPhone has a smart design as it encircles the entire iPhone while maintaining access to different functions: the camera button, the muting and volume controls, remain accessible.


logitech gamepad for iphone

This GamePad for iPhone from Logitech is definitely the first incarnation of the new possibilities offered by iOS 7 for video gaming on the iPhone and obviously a great achievement.



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