Volkswagen, the iPad and Augmented Reality

We know how the iPad and augmented reality go very well together. Volkswagen took up this high-tech combo to develop an application to assistance its technicians who will work on the concept car called XL1, using the iPad and this augmented reality application that could change the way automobile technicians work for good .

Over the past 20 years, the working methods of auto technicians were literally revolutionized by electronic diagnosis, but progress is underway and another revolution could come lend a hand. This Volkswagen trial app, which has been demonstrated at the InsideAR conference dedicated to augmented reality, could be generalized in our garages of different automakers. The application that runs on iPad, was developed by an expert in augmented reality, the company Metaio GmbH, from… Bavaria the land of BMW. It brings automobile technicians an interactive guide and access to a knowledge base with technical resources linked to the reality they se. For now, the test is made ??only on Volkswagen XL1 concept car, but one can easily imagine the application arriving in our city dealers .

In this demo video featuring Dr. Werner Schreiber himself. He is no less than the big boss of the research department of the entire Volkswagen group. Here’s the video :


This is not the first time the Volkswagen Group test solutions in the field of augmented reality as Audi launched eKurzinfo, an iOS app which is an augmented reality user guide for the new Audi A3.

Apple also looks closely at the automotive industry and encourages manufacturers to develop compatible systems with Siri. Siri and iOS in the car ?

The Audi eKurzinfo application video :



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