SlowCam : slow-motion video for every iPhone

Slow motion video mode iPhone 5S is certainly one of the most fun-to-use features of the new iPhone 5S. But, if you own an iPhone 5C , iPhone 5 or its predecessors, you won’t have access to slo-mo videos… Too bad and so unfair ! Fortunately the editor Lucky Clan thought of all the slow-mo fans who don’t have an iPhone 5S and developed SlowCam that allows all iPhone owners (at least : iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4) shoot slow motion videos . As a bonus, if you like sharing videos on Instagram, you can not currently share slow-motion videos from your iPhone 5S, but SlowCam solves that issue because it can.

SlowCam is a simple application to use. As simple as the integrated to iOS 7 one on the iPhone 5S. The operation is slightly different, and rather well thought out. When a video is recorded , the recording button becomes a snail slow-motion button on which you can then press and hold yo indicate the iPhone the video segment to later display in slow-motion.

SlowCam can also share slow motion videos directly from the App to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can send the sequences recorded in slow motion and that are in the film camera strip of the iPhone since they are recorded at 30 fps, as a normal movie.
The frame rate of SlowCam app has a max. of 120 fps with the iPhone 5S and is down at 60 fps on other iPhone. The application is compatible with iOS 7 and is sold $1.99 on iTunes .

slow motion

SlowCam is a great alternative to the new iOS 7 / iPhone 5S only slow-motion mode.


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