VSCO preset by Nike as a free limited edition
Sangre de toro

Discover this new original Nike preset for the photo retouching app VSCO for iOS offered as a free download. Limited Edition.

It is not a filter we see nor use every day. The new limited edition VSCO preset brought to us by Nike is a monochromatic red and black filter that will give an exclusive look to your sports and motivational images.

This VSCO preset by Nike is available as a free download through the in-app presets store in VSCO Cam for iPhone or iPad. Once installed, the Nike Tech Pack promotional filter will turn your images in red and black with heavy contrast. You can upload your creations on VSCO image sharing platform with the hastag #techpack. If the curation team of Nike sportswear / VSCO likes your photo, you could be published on the Nike Sportswear VSCO collection.

Last Spring, I downloaded the limited edition of the WWF filter for landscape photos and I have to say I adore it. Some filters for VSCO are really great, and this Nike VSCO limited Edition preset will undoubtedly give a very exclusive touch to your images.

VSCO preset limited edition by Nike Tech Pack.

VSCO preset limited edition by Nike Tech Pack.

VSCO filter by Nike

VSCO filter by Nike

You can download the VSCO app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store (free).



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