iPhone 7 Space Black concept by designer Martin Hajek [Photo Gallery]
Black beauty !

The iPhone 7 Space Black colored to match the Space Black Apple Watch gets the "Martin Hajek treatment". And we like it. Check it out.

The iPhone 7 Space Black is highly expected to be announced in September with the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and probably the iPhone 7 Pro. The talented Apple centric designer Martin hajek has put all the latest ins and outs about what to expect on the iPhone 7 and its Space Black variant of the Space Grey versions.

Here is what he came with :

Highly details renders of the Space Black iPhone 7 even show a “virtual” Home button (then, invisible), a colored to match EarPods in Space Gray and guess what… with a Lightning connector has he anticipates that Apple will drop the jack connector on the iPhone 7 generation.


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