LR/Instagram : a plugin to post your best photos on Instagram directly from Lightroom

Sharing your best iPhonographs on Instagram is great but you must have quite a lot of finely cooked photos in Lightroom that you probably shot with a great DSLR, hybrid camera with a nice piece of lens. Well, here is a Lightroom plugin that has been designed for you : LR/Instagram allows you to post photos on your Instagram account directly from within Lightroom.

The editor, Capture Monkey, has designed LR/Instagram plugin which gives you the possibility to post 1 to 5 photos from your Lifghroom library to your Instagram stream while automatically integrating the keywords fo your photos into hashtags and pasting the title and caption as the Instagram’s description. The limit of 5 photos per upload is here to avoid spam.

LR/Instagram is pretty straightforward. To post your images, just copy them into a dedicated publishing collection in Lightroom. The plugin will suggest some cropping options to suite Instagram’s criterias.


The Lightroom plugin LR/Instagram is available for free to download at this address. It works with all latests version of Lightroom from Lightroom 3.0 and more recent. If you like the plugin and find it useful, you may support the editor Capture Monkey by activating the plugin for $10.


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