RAW photo editing is coming to iPhone with iOS 10 !
Unleash the true power of your iPhone camera

This is quite an event for all iPhonography lovers around the world : yes, after years of a long and anxious wait, finally, Apple adds RAW photo editing to our iPhone (and iPad) with iOS 10.

iOS 10 brings a full load of new stuff on many aspects and during the WWDC 2016 opening keynote, Apple did not list even a third of them. Well hidden in the background of a slide, the “RAW photo editing” feature is actually written, it is there, it is coming on our iPhone this Fall.

Things get even better as we take a closer look at this slide (first spotted by Petapixel). This slide lists what’s new under iOS 10 for developers. And the RAW photo editing being stated on this particular slide, we may conclude that third party photography apps will have access to the possibility to get the RAW unedited, uncompress lossless version of the photos we shoot with our iPhone and iPad. I look forward discovering what Enlight, Pro Camera, Camera + and Pixelmator programmers will get out of this super great feature.


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