iPhone 7 : gorgeous mouth-watering concept by designer Arthur Reis

We still have to be patient few more months until the month of September to discover what the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will finally look like. To let us wait, we can count on the imagination and talent of numerous designers who like to dive into this style exercise of anticipating what the iPhone 7 could be made of feature wise and what they would look like.

This new style study on the iPhone 7 imagined by the designer Arthur Reis is a thinner iPhone, a rugged iPhone. His iPhone 7 concept makes the synthesis of various rumors and anticipated evolution that could bring the new generation iPhone 7.

iphone-7-concept arthur reis

This iPhone 7 from designer Arthur Reis, I would adapt it right away, wouldn’t you?

On his Behance page, Arthur Reis forsees an iPhone 7 made of a scratchproof aluminum. Its screen would have ultra-fin buzzles that would allow the iPhone 7 to offer a new less wide form factor than the current iPhone 6/iPhone 6S that are way to slippery. A better hungry on the iPhone 7 is all I am asking for right now. I’ve just spent 300 dollars repairing an iPhone 6.


This iPhone 7 designer study uses the current iPhone 6S color offer with space grey, silver, gold and rose gold.

This iPhone 7 concept would be equipped with an AMOLED screen a new, camera with faster lens (F/2.0), ForceTouch are seen on the MacBook and MacBook Pro for the home button, a battery life that would be extended up to 16 hours of use time in 4G browsing, more powerful loudspeakers and finally the iPhone 7 from Arthur Reis would be waterproof.


Scratchproof aluminum shielded iPhone 7, a waterproof iPhone 7, what if the next iPhone 7 would be finally the rugged iPhone 7 everybody could use anytime.

This iPhone 7 designer’s concept made me very enthusiastic about it. If this would be Apple’s plane for the next generation iPhone, I would directly dive for it.

For the official iPhone 7 announcement, we have to wait till September 2016. To let us wait, here is this iPhone 7 concept in this video.


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