Great Photography tips : shoot the view finer of your DSLR with your iPhone

iPhonography is great. The latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S offer outstanding image quality but are still too limited for the most pationnate photographers in terms of low-light image quality. The lack of optical zoom is also something some photographers cannot live with.

Deriving from that, who wouldn’t love to be able to tweak the aperture of the lens of the iPhone to go to wider apertures on larger image sensors in order to create a nice and smooth bokeh? Well, you can buy lens add ons for your iPhone like the Olloclip system. But that comes at a price and this is not a way at its best. So take a look at what Jake Burgess did which is both smart and ambitious: he simply attached his iPhone to its DSLR in order to capture the view finders light.

As you can see, the result is pretty met. The only downfall of this system is that the iPhone is also capturing the camera’s view finder as dots or exposure zone limits which are displayed. Basically, as the iPhone will record everything it sees in the view finder, you have to use this photography tip with a camera which allows to offer a virgin view finder. Quite often, this is possible and with some higher end cameras which offer the possibility to change the viewfinder mirror glass.

iPhone sur son reflex numériqueAs you can see, using your DSLR and your iPhone can be the solution for nice bokeh with taking advantage of the large sensor and the fast aperture of your lens. Low light sensibility and image quality will also be without any comparison between an APSC or full frame digital SLR compared to the tiny little sensor of the iPhone.

If you own an iPhone and DSLR with an interesting lenses like Macro, telephoto lenses, and so on, try to put this iPhonography tip into practice and you are most welcome to come back to our Facebook page to post your results!


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