Obscura Camera for iPhone comes in a revamped 2.0 version

The photo taking and retouching app Obscura Camera comes in a whole new version 2.0 that brings a handful of new stuff. Among them, I’d like to point out the availability of an iOS 9 extension for Apple’s own Photos application. This means that you can now access the filters and photo editing tools directly from within Photos.

The photo browser of Obscura Camera 2.0 has been widely improved compared to its previous version which lacked efficiency. You can now swipe from left to right to get to the next photo directly on your iPhone screen. You can press and hold your finger on a photo to display the sharing options.

But that is not it because one of the biggest change the app brings in this update is the business model. While till now, you could get the application for free and would have to pay for in-app purchases to download some filters packages, the version 2.0 of Obscura Camera for iPhone is now a paid app, priced at USD 4.99 on the App Store which contains the entire filters collection. For those who prefer paying once and getting everything the app has to offer, this is the right choice.


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