Chrome for iOS uptaded with 3D Touch shortcuts and Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts

Google has updated its web browsing app for iOS, Chrome yesterday, adding some interesting new features to it.

Here are the two killer new features of this new Chrome for iOS update:

  • 3D Touch support: From now on, with this Chrome for iOS update, if you 3D Touch the app icon on your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus home screen, you display the 3D Touch menu which allows you to do three things directly without having to enter the app itself. The first thing you can do by 3D Touching the Chrome for iOS app icon is starting a new voice search This comes very handy because you can now directly dictate your search request without even having to get into the app. The second option offered to you by Chrome for iOS when you 3D Touch its icone is launching a new incognito browsing tab. The incognito mode is the private browsing system which won’t record your browsing history on your iOS device. Finally, you can start a new tab in Chrome. That’s the third option offered by this Chrome 3D Touch menu.
  • iOS 9 keyboard shortcut support: chrome for iOS updated will display the available keyboard shortcut that are brought to Bluetooth physical keyboard by iOS 9. To display them or use them, you just have to press and hold the command key, option key or alt key. For those who use their iPad as a productivity tool, this will be a major asset.

Download the new updated Chrome for iOS app.


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