Tag Heuer Connected: a dedicated website as a teaser

The Tag Heuer connected luxury Watch (Tag Heuer Connected) is about to be launched and gets its own dedicated website.

We already talked about the promising wearable from Tag Heuer, the Tag Heuer Connected which is expected to be unveiled on November, 9th 2015. For this occasion, to let us wait and to increase even further our curiosity about their connected luxury watch, Tag Heuer has launched a dedicated website.

On this website, you will find the traditional countdown with the number of days which separate us from the final unveiling of the Tag Heuer Connected. We will also find a chronological filmstrip with the milestone dates in Tag Heuer’s history. It makes no surprise that 2015 is already among the years which should be worth noting in the company’s history.

We don’t know much about the Tag Heuer Connected yet and we look forward to getting more information on November, 9th. All we know till now is that it will be sold between USD 1500 and 1800 and it will run Android Wear but without any microphone so that the Tag Heuer Connected remains waterproof (which deprives it from using Google Now or relay phone calls). Regarding its design, it should be derived from the Carrera model , an iconic Tag Heuer watch.

To get a glimpse of the Tag Heuer Connected, pay a visit to its dedicated website.


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