iPhone 6S Plus optical image stabilization vs iPhone 6S comparison video

Want to know how more efficient the iPhone 6S Plus optical image stabilization is when shooting videos compared to the iPhone 6S ? Here is a striking comparison video.

There are only two differences between the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6S: the first one is the wide screen of 5.5” on the Plus and the second one is the presence of the optical image stabilization system on the iSight camera of the iPhone 6 Plus while the iPhone 6S has to count on a simple digital image stabilization which is usually much less efficient. How much more efficient is the optical image stabilization when shooting video on the iPhone 6S Plus compared to the iPhone 6S?

I could spend hours talking about the differences but the best is probably to let you watch this video that speaks for itself.

Striking isn’t it?

Clearly, if you are to shoot a lot of handheld videos, then, you should really consider getting an iPhone 6S Plus rather that an iPhone 6S. Myself, I have a refrained last year from buying the iPhone 6 Plus because I found it way too bulky. But this year, I really consider giving the iPhone 6S Plus a try and I have to admit that the image stabilization efficiency is a major plus for me as I’m planning to shoot a whole load of videos with my iPhone which appears to be the smartest way in my work flow.

How about you ? Tell me more about your thoughts: is the optical image stabilization balancing the extra bulky form factor of the iPhone 6S?


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