Apple pays $ 3.3 million for iPod clickable wheel patent infrigement

It is now the turn to Apple to checkout for technology patents infringement. But the amount to be paid to Norihiko Saito seems very weak compared to what the technology brought to the iPod and its navigation. Encoder clickable wheel technology which allows you to browse the music and menus easily on your iPod, has been used by Apple after Mr. Saito had filed a patent for it the in 1998, six years before Apple integrated it in the iPod Mini in 2004. According to Cult of Mac which reported that these facts, Mr. Saito expected to harvest about 100 million to Apple’s for the use of this technology. The Japanese trial will finally set Apple fine to just $3.3 million, that is nothing at all compared to what the technology brought to the Cupertino company. This fine seem silly in perspective with simple revenues generated by the iPhone, which by itself generates more revenue than all of Boeing, Microsoft or Coca-Cola…

I won’t go into another debate on the ability of Apple to innovate anymore or not, but it is clear that this time, Apple is not the true inventor of the click wheel as a navigation system in an MP3 reader.




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